Privacy Policy

What Data Do We Gather?

Our quest for information commences when you decide to become part of our digital realm or place an order with us. During the registration or ordering process, we may kindly request you to share some details, including your name, email address, physical address, contact number, or even credit card particulars. Of course, it's also possible to explore our offerings incognito if you prefer.

Why do we use your data?

Each snippet of information we gather has its unique purpose in our grand scheme:

  • Customizing Your Voyage: Your particulars empower us to craft a tailored journey just for you, ensuring your experience with us is nothing short of extraordinary.
  • Nurturing Our Digital Haven: We're on a perpetual quest to enhance our online sanctuary. Your insights and feedback become the bricks we use to build a better, more user-friendly website.
  • Elevating Customer Care: Armed with your details, we can be more agile in addressing your queries and supporting your needs, making your encounters with our customer service team swift and efficient.
  • Facilitating Transactions: We hold your data in the highest regard. Your private information, whether it's for the public eye or meant for your eyes only, shall never be bartered, swapped, or transferred to third parties without your explicit consent, except when necessary for delivering the product or service you've requested.
  • Sending Occasional Missives: If you're open to it, the email address you provide during order processing becomes our portal for sharing pertinent updates about your order. Additionally, you might occasionally receive nuggets of company news, fresh developments, or related tidbits to enrich your connection with us.

How Do We Keep Your Secrets Safe?

Guarding your personal data is our prime concern, and we've devised an arsenal of protective measures to shield it from harm. When you place an order or interact with your personal information, rest assured that your data is treated like the crown jewels:

  • Fort Knox Security: We employ a secure server to ward off digital marauders. Any sensitive or credit information you entrust to us embarks on a journey through the impervious realm of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Once within the hallowed vault of our Payment gateway providers, only the chosen few with specialized access rights can breach its sanctum, and they're sworn to silence.
  • The Vanishing Act: Post-transaction, your private information, akin to a magician's trick, disappears into the digital ether. Credit card numbers, social security details, and financial data are not stored on our servers, ensuring they remain elusive even to our own eyes.

Do We Employ Cookies?

Affirmative! Cookies, those petite data parcels, make their way into your computer's inner sanctum through your web browser (with your consent, of course). These digital morsels allow our website's machinery to recognize your browser, capturing and preserving specific information for posterity.

We employ cookies to serve several noble purposes:

  • The Cart Custodian: Cookies step in as the diligent guardians of your virtual shopping cart, ensuring your selected items stay safe until you're ready to make a purchase.
  • Guardian of Preferences: These digital crumbs also remember your preferences, acting as loyal custodians of your personal settings for future visits.
  • Architects of Insight: By accumulating data on site traffic and interactions, cookies help us construct a comprehensive understanding of user behavior. Armed with these insights, we aspire to craft a more refined and user-centric online experience. Sometimes, we collaborate with trusted third-party experts to delve deeper into the minds of our website visitors. However, rest assured that these collaborators are bound by a strict code of confidentiality and can only use the information they gather to assist us in enhancing our operations.

Do We Share Your Secrets?

Your personal information is as valuable to us as a rare gem. We pledge not to barter, trade, or relinquish your personally identifiable information to external parties. However, we do have a select circle of trustworthy companions who aid us in running our website and tending to your needs. These allies pledge to guard your information with the utmost secrecy. In exceptional cases, we may release your information to abide by the law, enforce our site's policies, or safeguard the rights, property, or safety of ourselves and others. Rest assured, though, that any information shared in such situations will not personally identify you. On occasion, we might provide non-personally identifiable visitor data to other parties for marketing, advertising, or similar purposes.

Third-Party Adventures

Every so often, at our discretion, we may feature or introduce third-party products or services on our digital stage. These third-party enclaves have their unique privacy realms, distinct and autonomous from ours. We relinquish responsibility and liability for their content and operations, though we remain vigilant in preserving the integrity of our own online domain. Any feedback or insights regarding these external sites are always welcome, as they aid us in our ongoing mission to deliver a secure and enriching online experience.

Alignment with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act

In alignment with the stipulations of COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act), we've fortified our defenses against collecting information from individuals below the age of 13. Our website, products, and services are intentionally designed for individuals aged 13 and above, ensuring the protection of younger online explorers.

Terms and Conditions Exploration

We encourage you to delve into the depths of our Terms and Conditions section, which outlines the rules of engagement, disclaimers, and the boundaries of liability governing your interaction with our website.

Your Implicit Agreement

By navigating our digital domain, you implicitly endorse our online privacy policy and the principles it stands for.

Adaptations in Our Privacy Proclamation

In this ever-evolving digital landscape, we remain committed to transparency. Should we ever decide to tweak our privacy policy, rest assured that these changes will be visible right here on this page, where your trust matters the most.


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